Monday, February 16, 2015

Football Weekend

Watching weekend games have always  been my favourite weekend activity. I really like the casual vibe of watching games. The familiar sounds of the beating drums, cheering crowd, and intense plays. 

Last weekend, my family went to Ateneo to support the UP women's football team.  I got excited when I found out the game was going to be in the track oval field of Ateneo. I love the Ateneo blue track oval that surrounds the green field.  Before the game, we went to UP town to grab a quick take-out at Triple O's. 

 It was my first time to try Triple O's and their burgers and fries turned perfect match to a nice Sunday soccer game. As we arrived in the field, we were able to find a perfect spot with a little shade and a nice view of the game.  

Cheering for UP wasn't weird for me since my older sister also played for UP women's basketball team. I even know some of their cheers! "UP FIGHT" It was intense game as UST scored an early goal! We were like "oh no!" But the UP girls were aggressive and scored 2 goals.  Pretty intense right? In the end the UP girls were able to snatch victory from the UST team with a 3 to 1 end score. 

My die-hard siblings
Lino catching up some work :)

UP goalie trying hustles for the ball

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