Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back in the Court

Hello Volleyball Season! I'm so happy to be back and training again. I do admit it's hard for me to work out alone especially when I'm used to training with a team. During our off season, it took me a couple of weeks before I started working out again. I kept on making up excuses! But I know that shouldn't be the case…being a semi-professional volleyball player I need to continually improve my game and stay in shape. 

So I made a plan. I decided to focus on conditioning and strength training. Well, these are the usual off season focus of training only this time I'm doing it on my own. Yes, training alone can be a bummer!!  That's why I'm so happy that there's volleyball training again. I love  having a regular training schedule, training in court, having a training program and of course seeing my coaches and teammates again. In our first day of training I got so excited and arrived in the gym 1 hour early. That's how excited I was to be back and train again!

Photos by Marvin Salaveria

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  1. You are still fit and beautiful ate Fille, and i can't wait to watch you play live! :) Godbless.