Saturday, February 7, 2015

Birthday Baguio Weekend

We decided to spend my 25th birthday in Baguio. Yes, welcome quarter life crisis! (haha)  But looking back at my 25 years  I cannot be more thankful and blessed. I remember Gretchen asked me what was my birthday wish... I couldn't think of anything but a happiness and health for all those i care about. especially for our little angel Ino.

Memorable salubong as they sang to me while we are gathered around the campfire.

The Baguio Crew! #BRRguio
My gangsta baby with I love mum and dad shirt
Our Baguio trip wouldn't be as much fun without these people.  It really made my birthday celebration more special!

Wright Park
Chillin' at Bencab
Photo by Ninang Gretchen
Probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed our Baguio trip was because of the chill vibe.  We stayed in a cottage house and just lounge around in our sweat pants and hoodies. 

Looks like Ino and Tasha have a special connection! hahaha


TRIVIA: My family lived in Baguio for 2 years. But I was just 2 years old then and all of my memories of Baguio were a blur.

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