Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fille Came to Surf Day 3

Of course, our beach trip wouldn't be complete without a Beach volleyball game! 
 After a hot and intense game, with equally hot and intense teammates and opponents (team A was … team b was…) show won? it was 1-1
Before heading home I couldn't help hitting the waves and surfing another hour! (addicted?!)
Trips with family and friends are the best and all the memories that we made are unforgettable. Hopefully, we'll be able to this again. I hope we can come back during the BER months as the locals mentioned that it was the best time to catch BIGGER WAVES! So excited and looking forward to SURF again in BALER. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fille Came to Surf DAY 2

DAY 2 
This is it! SURFING TIME! I woke up early ate a quick breakfast and was ready to SURF! I hired an instructor (kuya Jay) and rented a surf board for Php 350 an hour
 (not bad for a crash course in surfing). 
 The feeling of SURFING my first ever wave was exhilarating. It was an adrenaline rush just like when you score a point and won a good rally in volleyball (that kind of rush). It was so much fun! I was channeling my inner BLUE CRUSH (surfing movie) fantasy moment and was really feeling the WAVE.

We wasted no time that day and decided to check out Decasalarin Island. One word: Incredible! If you're looking for a place to just relax with an incredible view of the mountains circling a pristine cove, Decasalrin Island is the perfect getaway.  From Sabang beach, It's a  quick 30 min. boat ride or road trip to enjoy this sweet escape of white sand beach, incredible light house structure, picnic areas,  and even a fresh water river connecting to the ocean.  

After our sweet escape at Decasalarin Island, it was time to SURF again! This time I was more confident in standing up and I wanted paddle and catch my own wave. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fille Came to Surf DAY 1

FINALLY we're going to the BEACH! Been dreaming of a family beach get away for so long after playing in 2 exhausting leagues this past season. I was so excited when we decided to go to Aurora, Baler and even more when I found out most my friends were also gonna be there.  Its been a dream of mine ever since to learn how to surf and its finally going to come true !(aaaahhh!!! freaking out!). Learning how to surf has always been in my BUCKET LIST! FAMILY +FRIENDS+BEACH+SURFING? WHAAAAAT?!? (woot!woot!)

It was my first time in Baler and I didn't know what to expect. The drive to Baler was pretty comfortable and surprisingly faster than I expected. As soon as we arrived the sunny sky and surfing beach of Baler greeted us. 
For dinner we found this restaurant called Baler Surfer Grill with an iconic BEATLE CAR converted into a GRILL (cool). It serves a simple menu with the choice of grilled pork, chicken, or beef for Php 89 (small) or Php 200 (Large) meals. YUMMY!