Monday, November 14, 2016


I have always been conscious with my underarms.  It’s probably one part of my body that I’m really SHY to reveal. I barely wear sleeveless and I don’t own a lot of sleeveless tops. If ever I decide to wear sleeveless I would always bring a cover up.

Honestly, I wasn’t confident with my underarms. I wouldn’t be the girl who would be raising my underarms all the time. Even in volleyball where our jerseys would always be sleeveless, I would still be conscious with my underarms.

When I found out that NIVEA was launching the 1St  Deo Serum in the Philippines, I was so excited to try it!
The new NIVEA EXTRA WHITE DEO SERUM was formulated in Clear Serum Formula.  I feel like the new deo serum formulation makes it unique because of the advance whitening care in it. It is also infused with 10x Vitamin C and avocado extract.

What I like about NIVEA is how they develop their products to very useful and at the same time gives a lot of benefits to your skin. The new Extra White Deo Serum has 10x more concentrated Vitamin C and EvenWhite Technology for whiter and smoother underarms – gotta love the NIVEA gentle care. It makes me sweat less in that area too! So it whitens and keeps me smelling good all day! Personally, I don’t think it contains any alcohol (thank God!). Because sometimes I feel like products with alcohol content can be drying and irritating to the skin.

I’ve been using the product for almost a month now and I can say that it has visibly whitened my underarms. Applying the product, it really feels like its quick drying which makes it feel like it really absorbs in my skin. I also like the scent of the deo. It gives off a very floral scent that I really like.

I’m so glad I was introduced to the new NIVEA EXTRAWHITE DEO SERUM. I was able to really the results after using it. Aside from that, it kept me fresh and smelling good the whole day!

I hope you guys try it too.