Friday, March 27, 2015

Elevator Selfies

It's time for me to share my elevator #SELFIES and reveal the different stages of my post baby bod.

No, this is not the kind of post that you see on TV where you see miraculous photos of women flaunting their hot post baby bods weeks after giving birth! Nothing wrong with that but I'm sharing these photos because I want to share to the new mommies out there that its okay NOT to have an instant fit body after giving birth and that there is a sane way to lose all those pregnancy weight.

This is embarrassing but during my pregnancy I gained 50lbs!  Right? Shocking! I transformed from a small little 120lbs girl to a whopping 170lbs big mama bear. hahaha! After the baby, my weight was around 145lbs
Huhu, sad because I thought after giving birth I would magically be back to my normal weight. Reality is the pregnancy weight stayed and I still looked pregnant weeks after! But  5 weeks after my C-section my doctor cleared me to start working out... So I did... Slowly. 

To record my progress, I took selfies in the elevator on the way down from our apartment. 

During the first week, I started to run 10 rounds around the basketball court and do a little bit of court dynamics. Then later on,  I added ball handling and walling. It was hard training without a team when you've gotten so used to it for years! but still...It felt so good to be able to hold and play with a volleyball again. 

The first few week of workout was the toughest my endurance sucked! I was winded right away, but  still kept on going! I was still careful though not to push too much since I knew I was just getting back in shape and i needed to pace myself!
(More on the different ways I tried to get back in shape in  my other post)

So here are my elevator #SELFIES a source of inspiration I often look at to remind myself that though I am not yet where I want to be, I have already come a long way!