Saturday, November 27, 2010


Game 1 ADMU vs. UST
Result :3-2 UST!

Thank you for all those who watched our game live or on TV @ Studio 23 yesterday.:) Thank you for the support! It was just our first game yesterday and there are still a lot of games to come. Even though we lost in that game, it would serve as our basis as to what we can still improve on as a team. Also, there is still a second round >:)) Another chance.:P


Also, starting from now on I will be posting stuffs or presents that you guys give to me. This is to show my appreciation for your thoughtfulness and support to me.YEY!

from Jeansyn Mahinay
Thank you for travelling all the way from Subic, Zambales just to watch our game!Thanks for the support!:D OBF!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

UAAP season 73

Volleyball UAAP season 73.
November 27, 2010
Game 1 FEU vs. NU @2pm
Game 2 ADMU vs. UST @ 4pm

Watch it live at the San Juan Arena or
Live at Studio 23.:D

Monday, November 15, 2010

UAAP Opening Billboard

I miss you friend!
U.P Lady Maroons

FEU Tamarraws

Represent the North

Waiting Area

Dzi, Gretch, and I were chosen to represent the Ateneo women's volleyball team for the UAAP opening billboard. What's an opening billboard? Well it's the part where Studio 23 plays before every game. It's similar to what they did with the men's basketball where they showed the players and stuff before every game. It's the first time that their doing this with the women's volleyball team. YEY!:) This was so much fun! The players from the other teams like FEU, U.P, UE, and Lasalle were also there for the shoot. It was actually nice to have a normal conversation with the girls because we usually just see each other in the court and our mindset would be to beat each other. :))

Afterwards, we went on a "little" adventure. haha.:) We went to the set of Pilipinas WIN na WIN and had our picture taken with Pokwang and Luis Manzano.. ahahahha.:))

Thursday, November 4, 2010


New Shoes.

Nike Ultimatum bag with a cool Thermal compartment for food and drinks.
The new Ateneo Nike Jacket.

We finally got our supply for this season. SUIT UP GIRLS! However, our jerseys were not yet given to us. I have no idea if we are still going to have a one piece jersey similar to last season. I think Nike doesn't have any one piece apparel? (yey! deep inside) .ahahaha YEY!
Thank You Nike!