Thursday, November 4, 2010


New Shoes.

Nike Ultimatum bag with a cool Thermal compartment for food and drinks.
The new Ateneo Nike Jacket.

We finally got our supply for this season. SUIT UP GIRLS! However, our jerseys were not yet given to us. I have no idea if we are still going to have a one piece jersey similar to last season. I think Nike doesn't have any one piece apparel? (yey! deep inside) .ahahaha YEY!
Thank You Nike!


  1. ang ganda..wee excited na ko mag uaap!

  2. nice jacket! :) pag hndi na fitted sayo pwede akin nalang?? aabangan ko po!! *kiddin'* ;)

  3. wow. asteeg! :)). ganda ng jacket. Like it :)).

    sarap maging varsity pLayer. hehehh :). Lahat ng gamet Nike. wew! :D.

    goodLuck this season fiLLe :). Hope I could watch your game Live. haisst! TC :)).

  4. wew nice jacket whats the color??

  5. Pink? Wahahehe c fille pusong bughaw,dugong bughaw ...go lady eagles! I'd always watch ur game live.,oA DI Pala gnun kdlas hehe bsta wen im free and wanted to feel real life(unG simple pero exciting)..i just go in arena to watch un mga games(priceless tlga un feeling) i really love their characters ket down na laban paden up to lst point..un totoONg tapang,.as in alang arte insyd the court and effortless ang pagkacute *¤ I Love this game soO MUCh likewise w/ baseball un fav. Q wen i was young.,fille dq msbing fan mo aq pero im 1 of millions na iinspire the way u played ,..your game! No doubt Astig kapo tlga! Ket sng syd mo tingnan kaya aq ng sign d2 just only to say this ganda kc nung jacket eEe oOPs!.,

  6. you know miss fille i really want to be your friend i don't know why maybe it's just because your a nice person and i'm proud to be one of your fan sana mameet kita in person and mkpgdig pass tau one tym......... just take a lot of care and gudluck s mga incomng games ingatz n din sa pgeensau........ sana mgkapasok ako this sa national PRISAA sa NCR ata ang nationals this year eh.......... renz from laguna here thanks for reading my message...........

  7. sana m2loy kau sa yazaki torres para mkta nmn kta............ adik n ata ako sau eh.........