Friday, October 22, 2010


Day 3 of our training here in Thailand. Woke up at 6am (Thailand time) and realized that it was just our 3rd day here. It's another day of training.."Do it all over again." We had weights training tired.:(


  1. cute mo tlga ms.fille,, cant wait to see you in action again,, galing ng training nyo,, lalakas p kau ng husto,, goodluck,,

  2. my god. .u look so tired ..wish i was here to make you happy and never feel tired =] miss u so much miss fille.. _im your forever fan_

  3. go go go kaya mo yan dami support sayo :D

  4. hi fille, i just made a vector art for you and i'm happy may mga nagrerequest for the lager size para maiprint sa tshirt nila, i just got my shirt na din :).
    anyway, could you please post some good photos na you are in action, like jumping or spiking para ma-vector ko.thanks in advance.
    goodluck pala sa training nyo, ganyan talaga, kung gusto mong lumakas, kelangan paghirapan, i know you can do it.

    "Face the Sun if you don't want to see your Shadow".

  5. wah! my god i think im going crazy ..wen i saw this pic ..ngpapanic ako.amf i dnt want you to luk lyk dat.. just do your best GRRRrrrr kaya mu yan . FIlle Fille Fille Fille fille !!!

  6. ..hi ms.fille i'm so sad to see you look like that... wag po kau mxado magpka pagod sa training nio.. take care of yourself ms. fille pero kahit na haggard ka na you are still beautiful...

    ingat po kau jan..
    we are waiting for you and the rest of the the teams stil praying for you..

    god bless