Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finals week!

Finals week!
  • Theology Finals
  • Cognitive Psychology Long test
  • Experimental Psychology Finals (comprehensive) =(
  • Experimental Psychology Final Paper
  • Philosophy Final Oral Exam
  • English Final Draft of Research Paper
  • English Reflection Paper
> So many things to accomplish.:( WISH ME LUCK!!!
I think I won't be able to post anything this week.:(


  1. help po kita 4th year psych dn ako eh......... nkuha ko n lht nung subj mo..........

  2. .miss fille take it easy.. you can do it
    .wag po kya mxado mgpagod..
    .bka po mastress kau..
    .but i know you're still pretty kahit
    .mahaggard pa kau.. good luck po..