Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fille Came to Play…Golf

Golf is one of the sports that I never thought that I would try. Aside from the cute golf outfits, I never imagined myself actually playing it. Last week we went to a driving range to play golf. At first, I was just there to eat and watch the guys play. So there I was chillin' and drinking my fresh coconut juice. But then my husband said "you wanna try?". I was really scared to try it because I could picture myself taking a swing and losing grip of the golf club. I kept on repeating to the guys to stay away in case the golf club came flying at them. It would be a disaster if ever that happened. But I still took a swing at it

I learned the basics first, the right stance, proper head position and the simple swing. As an athlete, I guess I found it easy to get into position. Then, my first swing, I missed. Hahaha! After a couple of missed swings I finally was able to hit the ball. I was so happy when I finally hit the ball right. Yey!

The next thing I learned was having a proper backswing. I must admit it really works out your entire back muscles when you do a complete swing…sadly in this video I totally missed  :0

Totally missed it! ahahaha!

You don't need to be an expert to enjoy a new sport! heck, you don't even have to know too much about it :D so long as you got someone to teach and guide you through it … its still loads of fun! 

I honestly want to go back and try again! Lino wants me to learn from a pro though! Where's a good place to learn golf ?

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