Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Top 5 Favourite Travel Destinations in the Philippines + NIVEA GREAT WHITE GIVEAWAY PROMO

I love travelling especially in around the Philippines. I can say I have somehow travelled around Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I think travelling is the best way to see and experience new places. That’s why I’m sharing with you guys my TOP 5 favourite destination in the Philippines and why they are my favourite. 

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A quick getaway from the city. A 2 hour drive from the city, Tagaytay is my favorite quick get away if I want to slowdown and relax. Aside from the beautiful view of Taal Volcano, my go to place is Sonya’s Garden. A secret garden tucked inside Tagaytay, this is my favourite place to cleanse and recharge. The place just gives me energy because of its beautiful garden and its serving of healthy food.

I love La Union because of its chill vibe and of course the SURFING! I always wanted to learn how to surf and when I finally learned how to surf,  La Union became my favourite go to surfing place. Plus, its also easier to travel to La Union because of the new express way. Some of my favourite spots there are El Union coffee shop, flotsam and jetsam ( they have the best brick oven pizza), milky wave milk tea and poppy’s burger.
was 5months pregnant here with Fille Renee :D

I love going to Boracay because of its milky white sand! Plus, playing beach volleyball there is a dream! Beach Volleyball Republic recently had an event in Boracay and it was amazing! The texture of the sand in Boracay is perfect for beach volleyball, its so soft on the feet that its perfect to play into. I can probably say it’s my favourite beach sand so far from all the beach court that I have played in. 
Cebu will always be my favorite travel destination because of the memories it holds. This is the place where Lino and I got married. It was an intimate wedding ceremony and it was one of the best days of my life. I will always go back to Cebu to relive those happy moments with my husband and my kids. 
Photo from
Photo from
My hometown will always be my number 1 favourite travel destination. Although I grew up in Metro Manila, there’s no place like home. Every time I go back home to Bacolod I always feel nostalgic. Hearing people speak in ilonggo and conversing with people in ilonggo makes me feel like I belong. Another thing that I love about Bacolod is its FOOD! Of course, the classic is the CHICEN INASAL (yummy!). The food will always be one of my favourite parts of going home to Bacolod because it really takes me down memory lane. 
So there, those are my top 5 favourite travel destinations in the Philippines. I noticed that most of my favourite places are usually relaxing places like the beach and places that holds a happy memory to me.

I’d like to know what’s your top 5 favourite travel destination? Hopefully, its one of the destinations in NIVEA GREAT WHITE GIVEAWAY! So you can join and be able to go to your favourite place! 

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