Thursday, April 2, 2015


When I found out that  we will have a set of uniforms that will sort of be like a SKORT, I got excited. My teammates had different reactions when they knew we were going to wear SKORTS. Some wondered what it will look like, will it fit well, or can we even move in it? But me,  I loved the idea of it! A big part of playing volleyball for me, is having fun! and I was excited to try it on!

When the new set of jerseys arrived. I immediately searched for the SKORT jersey to see how it looked. It was a two piece jersey. I thought it would be like a one piece jersey like a dress (sort of why those female tenns super stars wear)  but it was only the bottom part of the jersey that's made like a SKORT. 

Once I tried it on, I attempted to perform a pancake save in it (to test its flexibility!)  but it was kinda funny to dive since I felt like I was just wearing a skirt. hahaha! The feeling of wearing it for the first time was WEIRD though . But I still liked how it looked on me. :D

During the opening games I could see some of the comments of people on social media that the SKORT jersey  was a bad idea since players kept on pulling it down. I do agree, it feels weird at first. I did try to pull it down a couple of times at the beginning of the game. But as the game went on and adrenaline kicked in I totally forgot about the SKORT. I'm pretty sure my teammates also didn't think about it anymore. We can see that everyone moved well on the court and looked great in it! (the two things that matter the most in a uniform!)

By the way, its not my first time to wear a not so typical jersey. Remember our one piece jersey stint in UAAP season 72?

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